Friday, 20 November 2009

Through The Front Door

This is my front door. Admittedly the photo was taken in 1998, but it hasn't changed at all. My Dad is older and so are the girls, but the door's the same mahogany stained wood, the red tiles still  lead you in and a pot of flowers usually stands in the porch. Not at this time of year though - it's too cold and exposed to leave a pot there - it would only blow over in the strong coastal winds!
Stepping through the front door there's a long hallway leading to the kitchen. The walls of the hallway are painted magnolia to brighten them up and behind the door I've hung a series of hand-painted plates, all painted by my father when he was still able to hold a fine brush without his hand trembling.
Beyond the front door it's always tidy and welcoming, kept that way by my husband - it's home.
If you would like to see through more people's front doors, head over to Meet Me At Mike's for My Place And Yours. It's always fun to be nosy and peep into other people's lives.


  1. You said the magic word..nosey!! Your front door looks very welcoming to me. And don't the girls look sweet!

  2. Is that your girls? Doesn't seem possible does it? 1998 just doesn't seem that long ago.

  3. Always something to be said about things that never change. Very comforting to know that some don't. :)
    Really appreciate your visit and those lovely words of yours! x



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