Friday, 20 November 2009

Emergency Services

Newhaven Lifeboat, East Sussex

Working in the NHS you get to see Death at close quarters, no more so that in Accident and Emergency. It's a few years since I worked nights and x-rayed trauma victims, attempted suicides etc. But on those shifts I grew to appreciate the work of others trying to save people's lives, especially the ambulance crews who were first on the scene. It's a job that I could never do!
Another emergency service I appreciate is the RNLI, run by volunteers willing to risk their own lives to save others in danger at sea. Now that I work at a hospital on the coast, I  know personally a couple of volunteer crewmen who work in the hospital too. Just normal people prepared to go the extra mile to save someone's life. I salute them.
When we lived in Aylesbury I was aware there were three emergency services I could call upon if needed  - Fire, Police and Ambulance - and naively thought it was the same everywhere. Entering a phone box to make a phonecall one day, I was shocked to find that here in Brighton there are actually FIVE emergency services: Fire, Police, Ambulance, Coastguard and Hill Rescue. All those brave people willing to help others, many unpaid, some the target of yobs whilst trying to carry out their duties. I salute them. I could never do what they do.
I always donate to the Poppy Appeal and also to the RNLI. I cannot pass their collection boxes by. Do you have a favourite charity whose work you admire and to whom you give donations? I would love to hear which ones you support and why.

(This post is dedicated to the doctor who committed suicide by walking into the sea at Brighton recently and the people who tried so hard to save him)


  1. Hi. I am a supporter of two of our local charities...
    1. the local hospice - because you never know when you might need one and
    2. our local air ambulance - living in a very rural community they do a really wonderful job getting to places normal ambulances struggle to reach.
    A x

  2. In terms of tin rattlers - RNLI, Poppies, well, whoever's out there really, alhtough I'm not so good at animal charities. At the risk of turning this into a rant, am also not good at the chugging thing (charity mugging) where they pay bright breezy students to grab you in the street and try toget you to sign a's not the best way for me..and I don't as a rule, give my bank details out...they need to understand that!



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