Monday, 15 November 2010

Rainy Afternoon Project

My knitting needles have been stored in a plastic bag under the bed for years. So long in fact that the needles have made big holes in the sides of the bag. 
I've been ignoring this sad situation for ages... out of sight, out of mind .... but decided I finally had to do something when they all fell out over the floor this weekend when I was rummaging under the bed for some fabric stored there.
I decided to make a knitting needle wrap and cut up an old blue cushion cover so that I had just the front, co-incidentally the right width for the longest of the knitting needles. Then I formed an off-cut of blue fleece fabric into pockets for the pairs of needles and pinned between them (I've yet to tell my daughter I've used it as it was her material).

I sewed where the pins were to form the pockets and stitched the two pieces of fabric together, leaving a long piece of fleece trailing (it's hidden under the cushion front on the photo above) so that it could become a tie for the wrap when it was folded up.

A simple project for a rainy afternoon. No pattern needed. And no needles all over the floor in the future!
Incidentally, I found some really old needles in my collection which must have been my Mother's or Grandmother's. I had forgotten I had them, and they are labelled sizes 10 and 12, from a previous UK sizing method I think.


  1. A clever idea. I'm still talking in terms of 8's and 10's and having to look up the mm equivalent!

  2. What a great quick project, I could do with making one of these for my straight needles!



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