Sunday, 14 November 2010

Christmas Is Coming.....

It may be a wet, dreary Sunday outside but I can tell that Christmas is coming soon. 
Many of the summer birds have flown away.
The colourful autumn leaves are all on the ground and slippery underfoot. 
And the evenings are dark once more. 
But the big clue in my house is that my cacti are blooming. 
All three of them.

It's a very small sign, but I look forward to these flowers every year....and they are. 
Time to start thinking about buying Christmas presents I think.
What makes you think that Christmas is coming?? 


  1. ..mostly my over prepared family asking me for ideas for gifts for the other Dunnits! Your cacti are lovely..fresh and vibrant for these dull days.

  2. Oh, yes - definitely time to start making a few secret plans! It's the dark nights for me - once it's dark at 5 I'm thinking about brightening up the house with red and green

  3. I love flowering cacti! Christmas thoughts are allowed once I've booked to take DS to see Santa!

  4. Mostly my eldest booming in my ear every morning how many days to go. Can't believe the countdown is in days already!

    I love your cacti - I've never seen one in that pale colour before.



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