Wednesday, 17 November 2010

WOYWW - Troy And The New Cushion Covers

It's Wednesday again and time for WOYWW .  Join in and post a link at Never-To-Have-A-Website Julia showing your work desk for others to rummage around. We are a nice bunch of Nosey-Parkers, I promise, and we love finding new friends and hidden talent in Blogland.
Here's my WOYWW offering for this week......cushion covers.

Despite not being that old, just a matter of months actually, they are looking tatty and tired. Buy cheap, buy twice as they say. So instead of sewing on the button that had fallen off, I decided to set about making new covers.  At best, I am a reluctant machine-sewer who mutters and grumbles to herself until the job's finished. I'd much rather be knitting or crocheting, or better still, paper-crafting!
Anyway, here is my work desk in action, a fold-up table that gives me the space I need to be creative.

My sewing machine, 30 year old Troy, has recently had an (expensive) service so I needed to prove to Hubby that it had been money well spent. I have a few fabric offcuts from a shop in Brighton from which I chose a brown silky material and an abstract flower pattern for the job. A couple of hours later, Troy had proven he was in tip-top condition, sewing beautifully. No more tension troubles! And I had two new cushion covers with a pattern on one side and plain silk on the other, plus an envelope-style one, again silk on the reverse and patterned on the front.
Hubby seemed marginally impressed, and when pushed, agreed they were an improvement upon the old ones.

As I've said before, sewing machines and I do not get along. I am very happy to have completed this simple project without any tantrums. And if you were wondering, Troy has been put to the back of the garage again..... probably for another year or so.
I just hope that my cushion covers last longer than the shop-bought ones!
I'm looking forward to poking around as many work-desks as I can manage later this evening, when I've finished work.


  1. Fab new cushion covers. Well done you.
    A x

  2. Well done on your cushion covers. I cannot sew to save my life so I am envious of anyone who does!

  3. Good for you hun youve done great job with the cushions!Now isnt that better than buying them!
    Have fab wednesday
    hugs jude'41`

  4. Hi Ann
    wow fabulous covers, my machine has a fit as soon as i think about using it!have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,(29)x

  5. Well done you!! I love to see a sewing machine put to good use - your cushions look lovely!!

  6. oh these cushion covers are gorgoues hun love the fabric you have used,hun Hugs Cheryl 62

  7. They look great...I started some on Sunday so watch this space for the finished

  8. Aren't you proud of yourself! Nice job.
    Have a great WOYWW day
    JoZarty x

  9. Clever you. those cushions are gorgeous. Love the colours and the pattern brightens your sofa. Well done. (32)

  10. I'm arubbih sewer, at school I was told to 'go to the art room' instead because I was sew rubbish, why? because they were all hand sewing machines and they were all right handed, now, I'm right handed but everything I do new, or never done before,I have to start it left handed..then after a few weeks, my brain says, hey, you can do this right handed now... of course electric machines would have been no problem! I can use both feet equally! Your sewing looks fabulous to me, that's the only opening I can manage!
    Have a happy WOYWW!
    ((Lyn)) #42

  11. FAB cushion covers. I didn't get my mum's knack of sewing. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 34)

  12. Well done you and well done to 'Troy' the cushions are gorgeous.

    Have a fab week...A.xx(2)

  13. Oh Im with you, not a sewer at all!
    they look fabulous

    mandi xx

  14. Brilliant cushion covers - I would rather sew than knit or crochet I an too heavy handed and my knitting always squeaks very loudly lol

  15. Wonderful new cushion covers! Love them, well done. Don't leave Troy in the garage for another year though!!

    Brenda 92

  16. fabulous fabric for the new cushion covers

  17. Oh you did really well Ann - I love the covers - I think it's about having suitable fabric for cushions - they take quite a beating over a space of time! I recently had my machine sorted too - it was an ouch moment I must say, so I understand your need to justify!

  18. Visiting via the WOYWW list and haven't visited before. LOVE LOVE LOVE your header. The projects are beautiful and the colors in the no proj. pics are wonderful.

  19. good job on your sewing project! great idea to have a plain and printed side.
    happy WOYWW from #20 this week!

  20. Lovely cushion covers! I do not get along well with sewing machines either :) Just wanted to drop by and say hi and that you have a lovely blog!

    - the runaway

  21. poor troy, and after he helped you do such a lovely job too,


  22. When I first saw these, I thought they were handbags. After a few, I read they are pillows. They are gorgeous, especially those in the first photo. Sorry I'm so late getting here. You would think since I had most of my obligations out of the way, I would have freed up a bit more computer time. Unfortunately, what happened was, I was so far behind, I became overwhelmed. Will try to do better this week.



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