Saturday, 18 September 2010

Is The Iron Your Enemy Or Your Friend?

When everyone is outside, enjoying what could possibly be the last good weather of the year, what am I doing? The ironing! Not my most favourite pastime. Unfortunately I cannot ignore it as Hubby's OCD means I have to iron as soon as the washing's dry.
To keep me cheerful whilst doing this chore, I have lit a candle and dug out an old Michael Bolton album to listen to. Well, that's the idea...

Trouble is, the steam iron's trying to imitate a steam engine and the music's being drowned out by all it's hissing and spitting! 
As I'm standing here, wishing that ironing had never been invented, I wonder what you Ladies do to get through the task. Do you wait until the ironing basket's full before finally tackling the job? Do you watch TV, listen to the radio, compose Blog posts in your head or listen to music? Do you stand at an ironing board like me or sit down more comfortably?
Is the iron your Enemy or your Friend?
Or ..... do you never iron anything because it's a waste of precious time?!
By the way, the ripple blanket is progressing albeit slowly - I've been doing another project as well - but that's a post for another day.


  1. I'm afraid I iron as I need to - I tend to iron an outfit when I want to wear it - I'm not exactly organised! I hatehatehate ironing - although when I'm sewing I tend to have the iron on all the time and iron after every step, as it really does make all the difference.

    I am SO impressed at the progress on your ripple blanket. I have discovered that I am VERY slow at crochet! I am determined to finish though - it might just have to be for next winter instead of this one!

  2. I love ironing! I do it in the kitchen, listening to the radio or, if DS is home, I iron in the lounge while he watches CBeebies.

  3. I iron the kids uniforms and sports kits every couple of days so it doesn't build up. The rest of guilty secret, I have a fantastic ironing company who I have used for 10 years who pick it all up one day and deliver it back ironed the next! Just don't tell anyone! Have a great weekend. Tracey x

  4. Enemy!
    You have a new blog header! I love it!

  5. mmmm enermy or friend?....a great friend there when l really really need it other wise no where to be found lol
    ripple looking great..not progressed with mine for about a month now...oops
    hugs x

  6. I'm like you and have a fussy o c d husband,and I am very lucky as he does the ironing!I got fed up with him going on about certain shirts on certain hangers etc - so I suggested he did it so it was right - and he does !

  7. I don't like it, but it is quite a mindless job and lets me tick over the old thoughts. I have my washing machine and iron in a teeny space upstairs (because that's where we take our dirty clothes off - makes sense to me!). The radio is my constant companion and I put it away or into the airing cupboard as each piece is done, so no double jobs. Has your husband considered doing the ironing himself in an attempt to avoid the 'terrors'? I don't mean that to sound facetious, it's a genuine interest - the OCD thing really is a dictator for all the lives surrounding, huh.



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