Sunday, 19 September 2010

Easy Knitting Pattern

Yes, I'm still crocheting the Ripple Blanket but a long project needs a few small detours going on as well   before finishing, doesn't it? I think so. Or is it that I'm too easily distracted? Anyway, I spent a few hours on something else this week when I came home from work. I came across a very easy pattern and decided to knit it for my eldest daughter..... but I may just keep it for myself.

It's a simple Baktus scarf, that can be tied any number of ways.....'ll have to excuse my scraggy neck in the photos!

 Here it is folded in half. 

It can be any length, depending upon the amount of yarn you use. The free pattern is here on Flicr. 
OK, I can hear you Jenni! I'll just have to knit you another one. 
And I know it has to be purple.


  1. Now, I like that! I'm a bit of a scarf fanatic so I'm definitely taking note of this pattern. Thank you.

  2. Hi...made a similar crochet version last year...make great pressies too
    Can't wait for the new sofa either been planning ne cushions and throws and getting excited hehe
    Hugs Suz x

  3. This is beautiful! I needed a nice beginner pattern. Thanks!



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