Wednesday, 31 March 2010


It's Wednesday again and time for 'What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday' with Julia's Cenacle. You can hop over, leave a link to your desk photo and also see who's taking part this week.
Here's my desk (looking away from the window) and for me it's relatively tidy. Honestly, I've not tidied up before the photo, except to remove the TV remote! On show are the leftover items from making a 12x12 about living in Brighton and Hove.

Another shot, this time looking towards the window. These are all Essential Tools that I use when crafting, and the first to come out of my cupboard, after the fold-up table of course.
You can just see at the far end of the table, on the floor to the right, my high-tech method of taking photos. The aforementioned 12x12 layout has been left there after my photo-taking. It's a very expensive technique and quite exclusive. I will only tell you if you promise not to patent my design. Promise?
Well, it's a large piece of white cardboard upon which I place the 12x12 to be photographed, then stand over it with my camera as square-on as I can manage. The light from the window is usually bright enough to get a good shot. I find that using the flash causes too much reflection from the photos.
Now I've told you my Big Secret, I'm off to nose around everyone else's desks, and snaffle their ideas!


  1. Interesting to see your essential tools and your alphabet stamps reminded me that I have loads not being used ...'coz I forget about them!!!! Your area looks as though you have been very creative.

  2. I love how organised you are so it can easily be all packed away at the end of your crafting session.
    A x

  3. thanks for the photography tip! by the looks on your desk you certainly have something up your sleeve - maybe you could get a commission from the tourist board when you've finished your scrapping about life in Brighton - certainly a place i'd love to visit!

    Paula x x x

  4. Lovely lot of bits on display there! How do you cope with having to put it all away?! xx

  5. Yeah, interesting that our essential tools are a little different from person to person. Love your beach hut photos soo much. And your genius photography methods - ever so glad you haven't pateted it, because mine is a bit similar!

  6. Hi Ann!

    Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog the other day - I really appreciate it as sometimes I feel I may be talking to myself ;-D I love your photos of the colourful beach hut & those of your daughter & boyfriend. LOL about your specialist layout photo technique ;-D Mine is just the same only I have patented the use of a square sheet of polystyrene about 50cm x 50cm, which I thought was an inspired idea until the cat used it as a scratching post!!!

  7. Just poped back to say you didnt link at JD's

  8. Great table Ann, is that A Xyron machine? I have a small one but have never used it, do you like it? I visited Brighton in April 2 years ago and hated it!! In my defense, it was freezing, snowing, blowing a gale and I had jet lag so bad that every time I glimpsed the sea I was in danger of throwing up or falling over from dizziness! I'm sure it's lovely in the summer. I did enjoy walking on the Downs the day before though.

  9. Great table and lots of stuff on it - I always admire your tools!
    I like your secret! Will patent it..:-) ha, ha...

  10. Thanks for sharing your most used tools and your photo tip.



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