Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Revealing WOYWW

Here's my workdesk for 'Teacake Tart' alias Julia at Stamping Ground  who hosts this weekly madness. Hop over to meet others in this group, be nosey and join in if you like.
The desk is not too untidy this week but there's more mess on the sofa as usual. You've caught me in the middle of catching up with pages for my 52in10 album. There's no new items on the table, but you can see my hole punch, Tim Holtz distress ink and tool, book rings from my disassembled album and the green glue machine. And I made sure I removed the evidence of eating-whilst-crafting!
You've seen the sofa before so now I had better give you a glimpse of my er-hem drawers, as promised last week. They are in our bedroom, well-hidden behind the door because they don't match with anything in the house and were a cheap find at a flea market. In fact, Hubby found them and brought them home, probably because he was desperate for something to keep all my inkpads from falling down inside the cupboards!
This should make sense later.

Voila! My drawers! Each is stuffed with lovely inkpads, except for the bottom one which holds my embossing powders. I should probably paint the wood and freshen it up a bit, but I haven't got around to that yet.

On the top there are three boxes you've seen before on my craft table. Two hold my punches and the third contains my Tim Holtz distress inkpads. I know, I know, there's no method to how I store things.
On the left is a glimpse of my wardrobe....... and within.....

.....lies some of my craft Stash. This photo was taken mid-crafting session so there's  lots of things missing and on my craft table or the aforementioned sofa! Things like boxes of paper, ribbons, embellishments and the bag holding all my essentials like scissors, rulers, glue etc.
But wait! I said, 'some of my craft Stash' so where's the rest of it?

........Here, in Hubby's wardrobe of course!
There's stuff missing from here too and bear in mind that these are double-sized wardrobes! When I fold up my table at the end of each crafting session, this is where it goes. It fits in very nicely at the front.
Perhaps now you can see why I cannot buy any more stash. There's nowhere to put it!
It would be nice to be able to leave a project half-way through and go back to it or to leave something out overnight and see it with fresh eyes the next day, but as I've explained before, Hubby has OCD and his excessive tidiness prevents me doing that.
Now then, which box are those metallic paints in?


  1. Love all your hidey holes for your stash but do sympathise with having to put it all away at the end of every crafting session. I have to put most of mine away too because my crafting room is also the room where I run my sewing business. If I craft in my working day then it has to be fairly organised crafting so any customers that call can still have fittings if needed. I will be showing some more of my hidey holes later :-)
    A x

  2. That's some stash you've accumulated there!

  3. Lovely reveal Ann! Totally understand your DHs OCD, and I think it's marvellous that you manage to work around it I really do - makes you a very BIG person in my eyes. You're making huge dents in your stash though, so soon you'll have a hole to fill!

  4. I sympathise too. I had to leave some duckies out drying over the past week. I thought Craig was going to pull out his hair by the end at the state of my desk. I am placating him now and tidying a bit before I start again ;) Am surprised hubby lets you get away with putting it all in his wardrobe though ;)

  5. Hey, every creative soul has a supply clutter problem! They wouldn't be artistically inclined if they didn' have to surround yourself with all that creative triggers art attacks!

    take care, and thanks for coming by!
    love hearing from you

  6. It makes one realise how lucky some of us are to be able to leave our spaces in a mess - well done you for being so understaning and putting it away.

    I see a lot of journalling going on and some lovely papers and just about managed to read your valentine tradition...! We've got one too. I make my OH a card - he doesn't get me one!!! a tradition we've carried out for years - tee hee!!

    Paula x x x

  7. It's only fair that you should get your own back by keeping your stuff in hubbys wardrobe! It does really break your stride though when you have to pack everything up each time.


  8. Lovely mouch about your crafting space :) Thankyou :) I adore that drawer set you have it's beautiful!!!

  9. Mmmmm - Fancy drawers ... I like :0)

  10. Love those painted drawers .....Ideal storage for crafts.

  11. have you got stash alllll over the house!?? Love that tall chest of drawers and those boxes on top are just beautiful - I want some!!! ;-)

  12. hey thanks for coming patterns are all amock!
    i love meeting others that can crochet...pass on the skill,,,it's a dying art i think!




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