Sunday, 14 February 2010

Catching Up

I'm playing catch up with pages for my 52 in 10 album. I've been so busy at work  this past week that I've not had any crafting time. Today I set up the table, pulled out loads of stash from my cupboards and set to work. Happy times ensued for a couple of hours.

This first page is last week's prompt about what traits you've inherited from your family.
Do you look like a family member for example.
Well, I definitely look like my mother. I see her image in the mirror whenever I look. Be that good or bad, it's the way things are. But character-wise I'm more like my father. He is patience personified. I can rarely remember him getting angry when I was a child. He also loves photography and I take after him with that. Finally, he is artistic and creative (as previous posts have shown) and my sister has inherited that from him, but I believe that is where I also get my love of crafting from.
For this page I used the packaging showing bits of each paper in the My Mind's Eye pack and cut it into strips. Then I cut a pelmet-style strip for the top of the page from one of the papers and hand-wrote the journaling. The layout template was provided by Karen at '52 in 10' for this week's prompt but I used it on last week's page instead.
Onto this week's prompt. Week 7 (can you believe 6 weeks of 2010 have gone by already?) is about Family Traditions. I didn't want to make a Christmas tradition page in February so I thought about any others we might have. There are very few I could think of, but today being Valentine's Day, there is one that ought to be written about I guess.
Hubby and I have our own unspoken Valentine Tradition.
He always buys me roses and perhaps some chocolates or perfume. I always make him a handmade Valentine card and buy him a present that is what he needs but doesn't want to buy for himself. It could be anything at all - within budget of course! - and is always a surprise. This year was no exception!

Now, green and pink would not be a colour combination I would readily choose, but the green pattern appears on the next page in my album. Don't they say 'Need is the Mother of Invention' or something like that?
So a photo of this year's handmade Valentine card appears on the layout, along with more hearts and some pink ribbon!
And this year's gift to Hubby is named on the back of the heart tucked under the photo.........but I'll keep that a secret between him and me for now.


  1. Great pages as ever

  2. Love the LO ..traits are strange things. I did not look like my mum when I was a child but as I moved into my twenties we seemed to look very alike ...maybe it was facial manerizms more than any thing.

  3. Nice page, great stories Ann; that's me too - look like mybeloved mother, sound like my beloved mother but oh my..choc full of father's characteristics! I love the pink and green page, think the colours work really well.

  4. I look like my Dad and have a lot of his temperements including his fiery temper but his crippling shyness too. I did however get my craftiness from Mum I believe :)

    I love that green/pink combo it really works well. Also loving the use of the packaging too.

  5. Hello...I am happy that you stopped by my blog...whilst hopping! That's a lot of fun to do...I'm addicted!
    I look just like my mother...and I do love your pages here, and your blog...

    i'll follow you...and I do invite you back to my blog anytime...if you like what I do, you can follow me too! that's a poem WOW!

    see you soon

  6. Those two pages look just beautiful Ann. I esp like the Family Trait's one. The colours are true vintage to me. Well done you. :)

  7. Lovely, thoughtful pages. I've been doing one about how my daughter looks like me, so this really struck a chord today :)



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