Friday, 19 February 2010

Advance Warning

Technology and I have a very uneasy relationship. As in, I don't like things electronic/digital and they don't like me!
It could be a computer, mobile phone, heating timer or SLR camera, it doesn't matter, they know just how to wind me up. I approach them all with caution. Despite working with £1,000,000 MRI scanners every working day (I kid you not, they do cost that much) I have a thorough dislike of everything computerised. Computers cannot be trusted.
They have minds of their own, and when they think it's time to wind Ann up again, they do just that! They don't care that I am known to be a patient person or that I taught myself how to use their programmes. Nor do they care that I never saw a computer until I was over twenty and learned their DOS language just to communicate on their level. Oh no, Let's Just Have Some Fun At Ann's Expense is a regular sport!
So, in advance of Monday, when I change telephone and broadband supplier, and will have to personally set up wireless broadband in the house, having never done said task before, and knowing it will all go terribly awry as anything involving me and computers has a habit of doing, I hereby announce:
1.  I will be in a 'do-not-talk-to-me-I'm-too-stressed-out' mood all day and will growl if approached
2.  it may be quite some time before I am blogging again
3.  I might turn my computer off and on one time too many and need emergency repairs
4.  the repairs might be for the computer...... might be for me!


  1. you are too funny! and also very kind for leaving such lovely sentiments on my blog...

    I just got onto DSL when I started my blog a month ago...and it's been wonderful....I was on dial up for the longest time, way toooooo long and now I'm blissfully wrapped in technology...!

    you'll get onto it in no time...and be right back to blogging! i look forward to your non-cranky return!

    have a great weekend...

  2. Oh my! I hear you! Good luck! I absolutely love your image at the top of this post :D

  3. Oh I sooooo identify with you ... A Computers sole purpose in life is to push me over the edge !!!!
    When we first had one I was actually scared I would cause it to blow up but I remember my late husbands words of wisdom "you cant damage it ....just have a play'll be fine" ...a kind of verbal pat on the head. I also remember his words an hour later ........
    "what the hell did you I have no idea how you managed this ....OMG you've killed it"
    He had to phone a friend while I made a pot of tea lol



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