Saturday, 13 February 2010

Kitchen Love

This week's fun theme for My Place And Yours is 'Kitchen Love'. Our host, Vic, says, 'Whatever it is you love most in or about your kitchen, we want to see it!'

There's not much colour or clutter in our house and that's why I  really like our kitchen. There's nothing quirky or unusual about it, there are no nic-nacs on display or bespoke kitchen units, but it still manages to be welcoming.
With my husband's obsession for cleanliness, where everything has to be put away in a cupboard immediately after use, nothing can be left out on any of the the worktops. Every surface has to be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped clean countless times each day. But the room's terracotta and off-white pallette was my choice and the kitchen manages to be sunny and bright, despite the lack of utensils on show.
Happily, my husband loves flowers and there's always a vase full of them in the kitchen to welcome visitors, and the huge picture of sunflowers was a bargain he found a few years ago which now hangs in the kitchen. It was a lucky find and is the ideal focal point, adding a cheeriness to the room.
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  1. Lovely..and such a warm looking room. I kinda yearn for clutter free living!

  2. i do envy your minimalism, maybe just a little hehe..your hubby would freak out in my kitchen lol! btw i do love fresh flowers too and your lovely sunflower pic is simply lovely

  3. That poor man would have a heart attack at my place. Sometimes I have a clean bench if no one is here for the day. Love your Sunflower pic

  4. my place would send the poor man into a spin. i must admit though i am leaning closer towards simple clean lines. your photo is lovely and flowers really do say welcome don't they

  5. i long for a clutter free home but it must be hard living with someone who wants that. love your fresh flowers, they brighten up any day or place.

  6. Still, your kitchen sounds like a place you love in your home Ann, and if it feels welcoming to you, then that's what matters the most. And as the other girls here have said, you & your husband would definitely fall over if you visited my kitchen! lol. Also love those sunflowers. They are one of my favourite flowers. :)



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