Saturday, 16 January 2010

Paper Doll Chains

Did you ever make paper-doll chains from newspaper? I did when I was a child. Just folding newspaper and drawing figures on it and then cutting them out in a linked chain kept me amused in those days. I had to make certain that the drawing always touched the sides of the folded paper so that the dolls linked arms.
I also loved the dress-up dolls that came in a book format with tabbed clothes that you cut out and dressed the dolls with. Great fun when I was about 7 years old! It didn't cost much to keep a child entertained and happy in those days.
Anyway, this is my entry to The Creative Type Challenge . The challenge is to use newspaper on the layout and I've done this with a chain of newspaper dolls and another with flowers. The background paper is by K&Co and I've used Tim Holtz Spiced Marmalade distress ink and an orange pen. Orange is not a colour I like very much but as the paper included shades of green and orange, I decided to step outside my 'comfort zone'.
My title, 'Crafting Sisters' and the hidden journaling shows how, although my sister is 6 years older than me, we still have something in common.
The journaling reads: 'Maureen was an art teacher and is a gifted artist and sewer (she made my wedding dress) whilst I enjoy scrapbooking, card making, cross-stitch and knitting as my hobbies.'
I'm the one on the right by the way!


  1. Oh I used to love making these dolls and then colouring them in, designing a new outfit for each one! And the paper dolls in books too - you rarely see those now do you? Memories!

    I love the use of the newspaper dolls on this page - just lovely Ann :)

  2. Totally cute, I remember making paper doll chains but they were never that cute!

  3. I have amused many a room full of children with paper dolls/teddies/etc etc cut out of folded paper. My little children [my own and the ones I minded] used to love to challenge me as to what I could make :-) Happy memories.
    A x

  4. I love this design and such a great idea to make the paper chain out of newsprint! Love that!

  5. Thanks for playing with us over at The Creative Type! Love the paper doll chain out of newspaper. I forgot all about paper dolls! :-) How fun!



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