Sunday, 17 January 2010

No Regrets

I try to live my life with no regrets. After all, you cannot go back and change anything. What's done, is done!
This week's challenge from 52 in 10 is to scrap about Life's Lessons - what life has taught you and the advice you would give to your younger self if you had the chance. And to include a quotation in your journaling.
It's a difficult subject. To open up your inner thoughts for everyone to see. It's not easy for a private person like myself, but here goes...
I do have one regret, an event that I should have handled differently as it has coloured my whole life.
I was very young, probably 6 or 7 years old and at Nanny's house. My cousins were there too. When it was time for them to leave, my Aunt told my cousin Roy, one year older than me and someone I idolised, to kiss everyone goodbye. He dutifully kissed everyone on the cheek until he came to me. He refused to kiss me and turned away. Of course everyone laughed and they left to go home.
A minor, silly incident, but it had a major effect on me. I learned that day that I was not a pretty girl. I grew up very shy and lacking in confidence. Throughout my teenage years and beyond, that one event changed me into who I am. To this day I do not draw attention to myself, hate meeting new people, and have a very real fear of making public speeches. At work I am a different person, hiding behind my profession, but I actually enjoy meeting patients and talking to them. In my home life I will go to any lengths to avoid unfamiliar social situations.
The advice I would give to that young Me would be to ignore my stupid cousin! - what does he know? - and to be confident in myself and my abilities. To make the most of the looks I have been given. Not to be shy, but to put myself forward at every opportunity and experience life to the full. Most importantly, not to accept second best because I believe it is only what I deserve.

Because of the page format I have chosen, 12x6, I cannot include more than one Life Lesson really, so this is the one I have scrapped today. The journaling is hidden behind the photo which I have hinged so that it can be lifted to reveal 'the story'.
And the quotation I chose to include?
'All things are difficult before they are easy' Thomas Fuller, MD.


  1. Such heartfelt journalling - I am so pleased you shared it. Really special page

  2. It's amazing the things that affect us isn't it? The way you described it, I could just imagine it.You should have kicked him up the bum as he walked away. Thank you for sharing your journalling with us and your page too. It's beautiful.

  3. A really lovely blog. Isn't it a shame we can only see these things as we get older and wiser. Life would be so different if only we had known eh? Thank you for sharing it.
    A x

  4. How we see ourselves, especially when we are young is so important. I hope that it is never too late to reclaim those hurts and to live in a new way. Thank you for this page.



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