Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Not a very interesting craft table this week maybe, but if you want to see others in this Mad Group who post a photo every Wednesday of their work area, hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground where you'll find them in ever-expanding numbers!
Hello All. What an awful couple of weeks weatherwise. Too much snow, not enough grit, no buses, no way of getting home from work etc. etc. Anyway, I did get to craft a little on Sunday, only to have a phone call from work to say there had been a pipe burst on the roof overnight, the roof had fallen in and the scan room was flooded!!! Argh!
Needless to say, this photo was taken very hastily as I packed up my Stash. I couldn't concentrate on anything after a message like that.
Back to the photo.... there's the front cover and first page of my 12x6 album for '52 in 10' in the making. The 'necessary equipment' on the table includes a corner rounder, American Crafts ribbons and Thickers, hole punch and box of Tim Holtz inkpads. And I've caught myself out again by leaving something on the table for all to see! The TV Remote this time.
OK, I admit it. I often watch TV as I craft. Preferably murder mysteries, sometimes cooking shows (not such a good idea as they make me hungry!) but on Sunday it was the news channel to watch the weather forecasts. I had to be sure I would be able to get into work at 7.00am on Monday to sort out the flood chaos. I just can't seem to escape the effects of the bad weather!


  1. I think we have had enough of this white stuff now haven't we? When the snow causes such problems it's time for it to go and spring to come. I'm amazed you gave WOYWW a thought with news like that.
    A x

  2. Whaddya mean not very interesting? That whole box of perfectly organised ribbons (like the box with the inks in too) and your collection of thickers is impressive! I thought the remote was some sort of label maker; am pretty sure that if I crafted near a tv, I'd watch it too!

  3. Oh Lovely Ribbons Ann and your new cutter looks nice I need one of those
    Keep warm in the snow ,I'm off to do my desk post now
    Hugs Susie xx

  4. It looks interesting to me ;) I love your box with inkpads in (well presumably it's for inkpads as I can only see one). The ribbons look lovely :)
    Anne xx

  5. I'm with Susie, yummy ribbons & I could so do with a good cutter!

    I like how your ribbon is all tidy mines all scattered in a box in a jumbled mess!

  6. HI Ann,

    The first thing my eye went to was your box of beautifully organiazed ribbons - I have spent so much time trying to get mine in order! You'll hear about that in some of my upcoming posts if you follow my blog. Wow, what a mess to deal with in re: to the roof cave-in, hope everything is in the grand scheme of things ok.

    I WISH I had a tv in my room as I often like to watch when I craft too. This past week, I've been moving stuff to another room to work on so that I could watch tv while I worked on projects! It really depends on what I'm doing. Whem I"m watching stuff that does not require a lot of focus I like to multitask!

    If you'd like to take a peek at my space, come visit me at Create With Joy - this is my second WOYWW post!

    Ramona :-)

  7. I love your Desk!! and your ribbons at One time I had all my ribbon organizes.but not
    hugs norma

  8. Get you Ann ... Look at those ribbons ... hope you got sorted X

  9. Not very interesting? If all you had was that box of ribbons I'd be happy. I likes ribbons xx

  10. Loving the oranised ribbons Ann, why can't I be that tidy! Hugs Pam x

  11. Oh I love those ribbons! Can I have them??!!! I have a problem with ribbons..... I always need more, like really, really need more!




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