Saturday, 23 January 2010

My Place And Yours: What I'm Reading

I could be Bookish and tell you I'm reading a classic novel   -  but Jane Austen is as classical as I get!
I could be Trendy and tell you I'm reading the latest Best-Seller -  but I always wait until they're in paperback and borrow them from my local Library. And I never read a book just because everyone else has!
So, what am I reading? It's a book I found on the shelf at work where staff leave books so that others can borrow them. It's a bit grubby on the cover and has obviously been read more than once, which is often a good sign, I think, that a book will be interesting. It's entitled 'Who Gets Fluffy?' and was written by Judith Summers. It probably did make the best-seller list in 2008 when it was published but it passed me by then. It travelled home with me yesterday, and I've only just finished the first chapter... but it's looking good...

'A house without books is like
a room without windows'
Heinrich Mann

'My Place And Yours' is back, with a new Host and a new theme this week called 'What I'm Reading'.  If you'd like to join in the fun, hop over to Vic's place at Punky and Me .


  1. What a title! 'Who gets fluffy?"!!

    What on earth is it about?!

    I too never read books just because everybody else has... like, oh, I don't know... Jane Austen... ;)

    Thanks for playing!

  2. Hello Ann! Long time no see. Was looking at your blog yesterday very quickly and thought I would come back today and leave a comment, and then I find your name on the meme list! Haven't been getting around to many blogs of late (bit of a blog block I'm afraid) but think it's all on the mend now.
    That title is an odd one yes! But they're the ones that usually get my attention. Love to know, eventually, what it's like.
    and the bottom one piques my interest too, but I think only cos it has the word Vintage in the title! lol. :^)

  3. Sounds interesting. Let us know how it went when you're finished.

  4. What a great idea that shelf at work is!

  5. i zoomed in on the i presume the mutt's name is Fluffy?..sounds like it might be an interesting read

  6. I don't think it really matters why or how we read books, as long as we read them! I read anything that takes my fancy, I don't have any rules. Although one unofficial one is to try and read something totally different from the last read. Happy reading! x



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