Sunday, 24 January 2010

Musical Memories

This is my 12x6 page for Prompt 4 of  52 in 10 which is about the music that rocks your world! Again I have too small page format to go into great detail about all the musicians I listen to and the songs that bring back memories for me, but I've named quite a few artists  on the page, and given a brief few words about how important music is to me. I've included a photo of me for the last three weeks so I avoided that this time. The music is printed onto acetate which is why there's a strange reflection in the bottom left corner. The back of last week's page and the stitching I did is on show but I promise it will be covered at some point with another week's offering.
I cannot play a note nor sing in tune but I love to listen to music. I remember snaffling my sister's records and record player when she was out and pretending with my friends that we were on the TV programme 'Hit or Miss'. We would listen to a song and give it the thumbs up or down sign. She had a lot of Beatles singles, and to this day, I cannot stand listening to them after playing them so much! Do you remember where you were when you heard that Elvis had died? You might be too young, but I was in Bedford shopping with my family when the radio presenter made the announcement. Elvis was my favourite singer back then.
These days I have an i-pod and listen to it as I travel to and from work. There are many artists on the playlist, dominated by Coldplay and Michael Buble at the moment. Quite a contrast in style, but I like many singers and bands, both old and new, male and female, and I regularly change what I listen to. The fun of digital music for me is that it's portable.
I've listened to 7" singles, LP's, tape players (with fiddly rolls of magnetic tape) and danced to cassette players, Video players and CD's. I'm listening to i-tunes now as I type this post. Music definitely brings back good memories for me.
I wonder how long we'll have i-pods (or the equivalent) before something new comes along?


  1. Totally gorgeous page and words

  2. The radio is on all day in my house ~ love music. Recent faves include Human by The Killers (DS likes this one as well), Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and Lost by Michael Buble.

  3. I'm a radio gal too, love music. Would take me loooong time to come up with a page like this, just so many likes, influences and stories - loved reading your post.



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