Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Marathon Man

Here's a layout I did a few years ago with Hubby dressed as a clown for the London Marathon. He has run it 6 times in total and lots of half-marathons too. I used to be a Marathon Widow, left behind as he travelled around the country entering running events.
All that ended when the children arrived and he became a house-husband. Did you know that is a recognised job? When form-filling we were often able to enter his occupation as house-husband. But I digress...
His heyday was twenty years ago, bless him, and now he's entered himself to run in the first Brighton Marathon, taking place this April.
Here's a more recent layout of him. I don't think he can claim that the hair loss makes marathon running any easier! But who am I to say? I cannot run 100 yards without the need for resuscitation!

A lot has happened since he gave up jogging, not least that his waistline, like mine, has expanded exponentially! He's had surgery for cancer and been diagnosed with osteoporosis. He also has Meniere's Disease. I question whether he should even be contemplating running 26 miles, but he is determined to do it. I am secretly proud of 'the old pot and pan' for giving it a go and hope he makes it to the finishing line.
He's a bit old for a 'Midlife Crisis' but if he's ever going to have one, I think this is it!


  1. Wow. Great pages Ann and quite a story for your old 'pot and pan'; no good you questioning his decision - after all, he already knows how horrible a marathon is!! (Said from my position of safety in a perpetual armchair..)

  2. A couple of years ago I did the local Round The Island Walk in aid of St Johns Ambulance. That was 32 miles. It took me just over 8 hours. In that time we were lapped by a man about your hubbys age who RAN it. Twice. He raised so much money for the charity you wouldn't believe it. Altogether my OH, sister and I raised a couple of hundred pounds - he raised nearly two thousand. I'm not kidding, when we got to the end we were in SO much pain. In fact Craig fell into the back seat of the car with his legs hanging out and said "it's no good, I can't move, just drive like this" :D I suspect the running man probably ran home at the end!

    I'm so in awe of people like your hubby. You have every right to be proud :o)



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