Wednesday, 20 January 2010


This is starting to hurt already! My pledge to not spend any money on Stash in 2010, that is. My workdesk is definitely looking similar to last week, especially as there's no new stuff to play with! ...and I know that Julia Dunnitt will spot anything she's not seen here before and hound me about it!

So, shall I wax lyrical about my craft scissors? .. No? .. Perhaps the double-sided tape would be more interesting to describe? Only kidding! ...but how on Earth do those presenters on TV talk endlessly about different items in order to sell them? I couldn't talk for an hour on the merits of.... umm ....a battery operated toothbrush .....or a steampress.... or a cordless drill!! Maybe you could, but I would be boring myself stupid before ten minutes were up!
You can see a couple of my 12x6 pages for a weekly challenge I'm taking part in. The three boxes of sewing threads are out of sight on the sofa - of course I need every colour they make so I can find just the right shade for sewing the ribbon to the latest page. I think I probably, just maybe, have enough ribbon to complete this 52 week challenge! The box has hardly been touched so far.
And it would be sooo nice to have a Bind-It-All instead of book rings for the album. But no, Julia's got her beady eye on me, so I had better stop moaning and get crafting instead!
If you want to see other people's workdesks on Wednesdays just hop over to where Julia hangs out to meet everyone taking part. You can join in too by posting a link to your workdesk photo.


  1. I know I say this alot, but despite the sofa, you do craft in a clean and tidy manner! The 6 x 12 LOs are looking great - you've been a prolific scrapper in 2010! And you're doing well - I've been moved to admit this morning that my 'spend less' intention is um, under stress and your no spend' is rock solid, well done you! I promise not to police it...and I promise too that if you break and buy something, I'll try my hardest to logicalise it into a great need so you don't feel too bad!

  2. Ooh, those ribbons are still there!! I have a lot of those Marvy punches, they're great.




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