Monday, 25 January 2010

Do You Have A Favourite Shop?

Do you have a favourite shop? One that's too exclusive and expensive for you to even set foot inside? A shop where you gaze through the window in awe at what's inside and dream that maybe one day you could afford to order something? I do.
In Brighton there are lots of little touristy shops, expensive boutiques and jewellers, spread across the Old Town in streets known as The Lanes. It's an area with an eclectic, even eccentric, range of shops. I went there today with my camera for 52 Walks in 2010 and, once again, found myself outside my favourite shop.
My favourite is a specialist shop which is world-renowned for what they do. What is it famous for? Do they design dresses? Jewellery? Leather goods?
No........What then?

The clue is in the name; Choccywoccydoodah.
They make chocolate sculptures, be they cakes or anything else and they made all the chocolate for the Tim Burton film 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory'. The window display in this outwardly unassuming shop is 'to die for' whether you are a chocolate-lover or not!

Would you believe that the two dresses and the central rose creation are all cakes, covered in sculpted white chocolate? The attention to detail is fabulous. A few years ago a doctor retired at the hospital where I work and Choccywoccydoodah were commissioned to make a huge dark chocolate cake (which was the best I've ever tasted) and a life-size white chocolate skull. The skull was so life-like I could hardly believe it was edible!

Here's another of the cakes in the window today, completely fashioned out of chocolate. How do they do that?!!
I'm like a child with my nose pressed up against the glass. I just look and dream.


  1. How would you ever be able to cut into them? Gorgeousness. LOVE the name :P It appeals to me muchly.

  2. Ohmygosh, I simply LOVE that shop! I've often been found with my nose pressed against the window, too!

    That final wedding cake is fabulous. Bet it cost a fortune!

  3. Oh Wow I would be drooling over that shop window too, fantastic displays of a great chocolateering art



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