Saturday, 2 January 2010

10 Crafty Things For 2010

OK. I give in! Everyone seems to be posting either a 2009 Year Review or their New Year Resolutions. Who am I to go against the flow?

So here is my list of crafty things that I would like to achieve in 2010. Note: they are NOT resolutions. In my whole life I have never managed to keep any of those. I have learned not to make any, and therefore, not to set myself up for failure!


1. Attend a big craft show in London (I never have)
2. Do not spend any money on stash in 2010 (this one's going to be tough!)
3. Make many more scrapbook pages than in 2009
4. Take many more photos than in 2009
5. Learn to use Photoshop (definitely a challenge!)
6. Post more often on my blog
7. Regularly take part in challenges - maybe Project 12 - Scrap Weekly in 2010 - 52 in 10
8. Set aside more time for crafting (also a difficult one to achieve)
9. Set a Challenge on my own blog
10. Reorganise my Stash so that it takes up less room.

Phew! Nothing like making a list is there to clarify your thoughts? Even better when you can cross them off as they are done. Have you any burning crafty ambitions for 2010? I am going to keep this list in my computer cupboard and if I am still posting in a year's time, and haven't had a stressful-job-related nervous breakdown, I will let you know how I have done!
Happy New Year to you all.


  1. Good luck is all I can say. Happy New Year too of course.
    A x

  2. This is an impressive list Ann, I will be cheering you on....especially at Number One, in view of your resolve in Number Two!

  3. Hi Ann, Just to say that you won my Christmas Scrapping Challenge ~ congratulations! Please email your details to
    I'm also on a stash diet this year, have even cancelled my monthly kit subscription! I hope you join in with Scrap Weekly 2010, as I'm a challenger on that blog!

  4. Wow! Thank you Ruth. My first challenge win and a lovely start to 2010.

  5. I was going to say exactly the same as julia. How you will manage number 2 if you manage number 1 is beyond me. Willpower of iron you must have :D

    Happy New Year!



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