Tuesday, 5 January 2010


What's on my workdesk Wednesday? Actually it was last Saturday. I've been at work since then and not been able to craft, but as I wanted to take part in the first WOYWW of 2010,  I took  a couple of photos that afternoon! Julia runs this weekly madness and you can take part too by heading over to Stamping Ground and leaving a link to a photo of your crafting area.
On my desk there are three purchases made before the end of 2009 and they are the box of ribbons (gorgeous), the packets of American Crafts Thickers (sparkly gorgeous) and a 5inch Xyron (indispensible!). Luckily for me I got the Xyron before I decided to stop spending on craft stash in 2010 as it is brilliant and I don't know how I've managed without it! No more spraying aerosol glue everywhere and the smell that goes with it. No more glue sticks, rolls of double-sided tape, wet glue or tape pens when I need edge-to-edge stickiness, the green machine does the job! It's probably more expensive but I'm as careful as I can be to not waste any of the glue roll, and what matters to me, is that it does what it says on the box.
You can see a few decoupaged images on my desk too. I have managed to eke out my bargain-buy decoupage pack (of 40 cards) and made a total of 78 and I am DONE WITH decoupage now, probably forever! I have bored myself silly with it!
Anyway, it's all done except for the stamping of sentiments and addition of glitter, and I can make my own Christmas cards later in the year when I can face them again.

By the way Julia, I hadn't thought about not spending cash when attending a craft fair in London this year, but with a little lateral thinking I reckon I could probably still get some Stash. Assuming I get to such an event ----- I simply take my husband/daughters with me and ask VERY nicely for birthday presents!!! What do you think?


  1. But today is Tuesday...isn't it?
    A x

  2. I think that's a very clever idea indeed personally! :D

    Talk about efficient - you are a day early missus, I have just had to quickly check the calendar as I thought I had misplaced a day (again) Loving the look of all that yummy stash on your desk though.

  3. I think you're a genius Ann, they won't be able to refuse! You made me panic when I found your post tho' - thought I'd done some alarming oversleeping!!

  4. Oh, meant to say - I'm a Xyron fan too. Long story, but have got 'em all!

  5. Abject apologies everyone!! I set the post up ahead of time but too much ahead of time it seems! Woke you all up though didn't I?!!

  6. Mmm..you are making a xyron sound like a very good idea! And that wouldn't strictly count as stash spending either! Happy New Year Ann



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