Monday, 28 December 2009

December 18th 2009

No, I've not got the date wrong! I know we've had Christmas - weeks of preparation and all over in two hours! December 18th is all about the layout above.
The worst snow for twenty years fell overnight in Sussex and everything ground to a halt. No buses running, and with no grit on the Coast Road, I had to walk into work. Our car couldn't make it up the hills. (You don't usually need a four-wheel drive on the South Coast, therefore we don't own one!) Totally unprepared for a long trek in foot-deep snow drifts, it took me an hour and twenty minutes to get to the hospital! Of course the patients couldn't make it in either, but in-patients still needed their scans doing. And people were falling over everywhere and ending up in Casualty.
Having to work the next day, and knowing the freeze overnight would turn the roads into an ice rink, I slept on a trolley at the hospital. The day after that, supposedly my Sunday off, I had to work again, as the person meant to cover the shift could not get out of her drive! To say I've had enough of the snow would be an understatement! I feel sorry for those who spent Christmas in plaster casts because of fractured limbs, and there were plenty of them!
I'm glad to say it's all melted now - and I won't mention the weather forecast for this week predicting more snow or I'll start grinding my teeth!
Anyway, those who didn't have to go to work (i.e. my daughter and her boyfriend) really enjoyed the snowfall and had a great time. Snow on the beach is something of a novelty here, hence the scrapbook page.

I used Bo Bunny papers and some stamps to make 3D elements for the layout.
I think 3D might become my 'thing' in 2010 - it adds dimension to a layout, but more importantly, I find it fun to do.
The only good thing about snow, in my opinion, is the photo opportunities it creates! Bah Humbug!


  1. So you're one of those hospital workers we were hearing about on the news. You did an amazing job. I still can't believe how unprepared the roads and pavements were with all the warning we had. It was treacherous here too in Kent but luckily our unit is 5 minutes walk (or skate) away from the house :)

  2. I just love this layout. Those snowmen are adorable. I bet the patients and your bosses relly appreciated your dedication.



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