Sunday, 13 December 2009

2006 Mini Album

Front cover

First page

In 2006 I made a 6x6 mini album about the decorations we put up every year in our house. I chose red and green for the colour scheme and kept the page design very simple. I was actually following an online class but I cannot remember which one.

In the album I talk about the tree which was from our first Christmas together after our wedding in 1981 - that tree was replaced two years ago as it was falling apart! And the glass ornaments handmade by my father - we have candles, baubles, butterflies, bells and characters from Wind In The Willows to hang on our tree. All different colours. Because they are glass the tree lights shine through them and they look very pretty against the green boughs. They are unique and I love them. They will be passed to the girls at some point, but not just yet!
Did you know that red glass is the most expensive to buy as it has gold in its making? There, now you have a bit of trivia to impress everyone with at Christmas Lunch!

On the final double-page I talk about the Advent Calendar that I hang up every year, including this year when the girls have left home. It was made by me and I actually used a sewing machine. This is notable because???  I actively avoid using sewing machines as I struggle with every stitch! Adjusting the tension is beyond me on those things. I much prefer to sew by hand, and if this calendar falls apart, I will definitely not be replacing it!


  1. Oh great subject for an album've set me off..on that light bulb idea route...thanks!
    How clever of your dear father...and just to be a smart arm, I knew about the red glass.....DH has taken up stained's almost as costly as scrapbooking!

  2. I did not know that about red glass! Learn something new everyday eh? The advent calendar is gorgeous :)

  3. I didn't know that about red glass..interesting! I love the sound of wind In The Willows characters on the mum used to read us the Christmas chapter every year on Christmas Eve



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