Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Another week gone already and another 'cheat' photo for WOYWW!
It was actually taken on Sunday when I was making some cards. I had been playing around with an ink pad and brayer, a leaf stamp and embossing powder. The leafy background in the foreground (if that makes sense) was fine until I decided to put black Versafine ink on top - which didn't set on glossy paper. I should have known that! So I had to start again. Hence the leaf background further away from the camera.
You can see my storage tub of ribbons. All muddled up and mixed together. But I love them that way. I love delving in when I'm looking for a specific colour and seeing what else I find! There's also one of the magazine holders I use to store my unmounted stamps vertically so they don't get damaged. Being a crafter for x number of years, I obviously have more than one of these!  Make what you will of the quotation on the side of it!
Despite the false start, I managed to make two birthday cards for male members of the family. Also this card for our Wedding Anniversary this weekend - only don't let on to Him Indoors I'd forgotten all about it until the reminder I set on the computer popped up! See, I knew I'd forget and had to set the reminder last year!

I know we crafters don't waste anything and like to be frugal, but I do feel a little bit guilty about how I made this card for Hubby. I used the front of a card I was sent and cut it down to form a frame which I then laid over red mirror card. But I'm sure he'll never realise it's a recycled card and I'm sure he'll like it. He's one of the very few men I've come across who like flowery cards!
Everything has been put back into the cupboards now though until I can play again.
As I find it very interesting to see people's craft spaces, I'll be nosy when I get home from work and check out all the WOYWW posts then.


  1. WOW you're on the ball this week :) that's some great inking there. I always just seem to make a mess when I try to layer inks and stamps, I just can't get the hang of it :( Your ribbon box looks great, it's always nice finding something you had forgetton you had when looking for something else.

  2. Nothing wrong with recycling a card, very 'green' of you which I'm sure as hubby loves flowers, he would approve of ;)

    Shame the black ink didn't set - it looks a great effect - I also love the saying on the box. Can sooo relate!

  3. I love the quote on your file! So true!! It'snot cheating for WOYWW to be a sunday shot..especially this interesting a pic! The leaves are just lovely. Worth having to do twice..technique reinforcement I call that!! Hope your Anniversary is a special day.

  4. Hi Ann
    No Sadly Diggory is not the daddy to this expected litter. he was neutered last Nov because of a Cancer scare. we now travel to Cambridgeshire for our daddy's.

  5. Hi Ann
    I keep all my ribbon scraps in one drawer, I love delving in there for the tiniest bits of the right ribbon!
    Great up-cycling of the old card

  6. I agree, it's great to recycle cards. Loving your cheaty space and the playing with brayer and ink. I always have to throw something out due to mistakes xx

  7. Loved having a nosey at your space and reading your blog!What a good idea storing your um stamps in a mag holder!

  8. What an elegant card ...and green too. Love the leafy backgrounds ...what a shame about the black after all that work. The quote is great too.


  9. Well done on getting apic on Sunday , might try that , as by the time i come to post it's a tip. Fab place though, and loving your creations x



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