Saturday, 24 October 2009


Like Ann on Pretty I enjoy finding new blogs on the web and she has a link on hers to Meet Me at Mike's,   so being my usual nosy self, I went over there to take a look. They have a different photo theme every week called 'My Place And Yours'. This week everyone is revealing the secrets of what's on their bedside tables. So I have joined in with this snapshot of how mine looks on this rainy October afternoon.
I have a small collection of jewellery boxes on my table at the moment, but these things change with my mood, I do like to alter things around. The fullest and heaviest box is the cream one, handmade from glass by my father. He made the bedside lamp too. The lampstand is brass although she needs a good clean-up to reveal her shiny side. (If any one has tips on how to keep brass looking like brass please let me know!) The wooden jewellery box is one I brought back from Salerno in Italy many years ago, and the other two are clear glass and engraved mirror-glass. Finally, the book is one from the Library which I've just started reading.
I've had fun blog-hopping to look at everyone's bedside tables today. Perhaps you'd like to visit the website and while away some time too.


  1. Wow. I've seen some gorgeous lamps this week on all the blogs! Yours is no exception - just so colourful and lovely. I bet it casts lovely light to read by! Thanks for joining in! xx

  2. The Bedside Lamp is so pretty!I love jewelery boxes too.

  3. Apparently tomato ketchup is supposed to clean up brass! I seem to remember my dad cleaning all the brass finger plates on the doors with it.
    But maybe test a small area first!
    Love the Tiffany style lamp!

  4. Hi Ann. Thanks for visiting and becoming a follower. I've put your name in twice for the giveaway draw.
    I like your bedside shot. Simple and uncluttered. I quite like brass that has darkened, better than too shiny. To each her own I suppose! :o) (I have heard or read(?) that if you polish it and then varnish it straight away it will help to keep it looking shiny. But please don't quote me!! lol). I'm also listed on Meet Me at Mike's for this week's shot, but haven't yet done the photo. That's probably how you've found me!

  5. i love your's GORGEOUS!!

  6. Hey that lamp would fit right in at our place! Great pic!



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