Sunday, 18 October 2009

Show And Tell

Here's one of the first scrapbook pages I ever made. Jenni and Karen on Brighton it says... and no dates as I didn't do that at first, nor any meaningful journaling either. I did try to be witty with the hat question though. Both photos were taken on Brighton Pier but a couple of years apart I would guess. I don't know because, sadly,  I didn't record those facts. Even then, Karen had her own sense of style i.e. the sunglasses!!
Being nosy, I was wondering if you would 'Show And Tell' one of your first layouts for others to see. It does make you realise how far you have come with the hobby. Perhaps from drab, uninspired LO's like mine here, to hopefully, something more interesting and engaging for others to see. Maybe you've always been a Scrapbook Star and even early layouts were prize-winners?
It helped me to assess my layouts then and now and recognise what elements have changed over time to give me my personal style.
Starting out I found 12x12 a frighteningly large space to fill, but now I tend to use up all of the page and rarely leave 'white space'.
Starting out I didn't tell the stories or add dates often enough, now I consider that the whole point of scrapbooking!
Starting out I used every colour cardstock possible on LO's, but now I have a preference for blue.
Starting out, if I did any journalling it was usually hidden somewhere on the page, now I am happy for people to see my comments (though I am not always happy with my handwriting efforts!)
Go on, let's see one of your original scrapbook pages. After all, you've seen mine!


  1. I just had a talk like this with my OH - he wants me to get back to the way I first started scrapping than the way I tend to do it now. I am definitely going to try and concentrate on telling the pictures story more. The post is here.

    I'm guilty of not having date for my older photos too :(

  2. Interesting. I very rarely include any journalling on my layouts. I used to write a few lines of basic 'who, where and when' when I first started out, but I seem to scrap just for the sake of doing something creative nowadays rather than to preserve memories.

    As for the style progression aspect ... I cringe when I look at some of my first layouts. I'll have to have a look and see if I have any on file as most of my earliest albums have gone into the loft.

    Yes, I did cheat - didn't it?! :D
    Number 6?
    Well, I once bit a stranger on the bottom in a Leeds curry house(as part of a bet). Don't tell anyone ... ;)



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