Saturday, 5 September 2009

These are the days..

'These are the days we will remember....
these are the days that will never come again'.

Not the exact words but Keith Urban was one artist who recorded 'These are the days'. Do you remember the song?
Anyway, I thought these words would make a good title and 'lazy-journaling' for my layout with these photos I've taken over the years of my daughters on Brighton Pier. I dry-embossed the balloons (a technique I like doing but it's not fashionable these days) and cut out flag shapes for the words. Doodling in black pen features all around the page to highlight different areas. It's a colourful bit of fun and I enjoyed making it.
Everyone's musical tastes are different and when I see people listening to i-pods I wonder what's on theirs. I'm a nosey sort of person obviously. Sometimes it's so loud I know already! Would that person have some of my favourites that they listen to as well? If I ever dared to ask I might one day be surprised at someone listening to Pop music who I had 'labelled' as a classical music lover!
I did a layout a couple of years ago about the music on my i-pod and the background paper I used was a printed list of all the songs I was listening to then. I should probably repeat the exercise now and see the difference in my favourite tunes. I think music is a lifelong journey, ever-changing as songwriters and musicians release new tunes, but music can bring back so many happy memories just by hearing a few bars of a song. I love music. I enjoy listening to Rock, Pop, Soul .... old and new. Yes, even the new stuff ends up on this 50-ish person's i-pod!


  1. Love the LO and your doodling ...very effective for this LO Couldn't see what year this was ...did I miss it ?
    I love sitting and 'people watching' and have had similar thoughts on what they are listening to on their head phones. I also wonder if all of our music tastes change with time and our years... I still get a buzz from '60's soul yet found it strange that a chap of a similar age, sitting next to me on the bus,was listening to 'Rock'... lol

  2. Hi Angie. The photos are not from the same year so I didn't include a date. Parcel was sent today BTW.



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