Monday, 7 September 2009

Young Catlover and Our First Date

This is a layout I did yesterday featuring photos of a very young Jenni in our garden at Aylesbury. She was fascinated by this furry creature that would always follow her door's cat! She didn't have any hair until she was 9 months old - Jenni that is!
The papers and alphabet stickers are from the Basic Grey Sugared Collection. Also the border, hearts and Girl Journaling block are in the same collection, on the Element Stickers sheet. When you like something, and I'm a fan of Basic Grey, you've just gotta have it all!
In an earlier post I said I met my husband in Aylesbury. To be exact, I met him at Stoke Mandeville Hospital where he was a Porter and I was sent there for 6 weeks placements in my training as a Radiographer. On my first placement, I asked at Reception for a key to the Nurses' Accomodation and he was the porter on duty. Afterwards he told his colleagues he thought I was 'a snob'!.....
However, two years later, after I qualified and started working there, he asked me to go to the cinema in Harrow to see Neil Diamond in 'The Jazz Singer'. Of course he didn't tell me he had never driven to Harrow. In fact he hadn't long passed his driving test and hadn't driven outside of Aylesbury!
Inevitably we got lost. By pure chance (or was it meant to be?) I recognised where we were and directed him to my Great Aunt's flat where we asked for directions! We eventually got to see the film (having missed the first showing) and had fish and chips in the car afterwards. Very romantic eh?

Actually he is quite romantic. He often buys me flowers or chocolates 'just because' and never forgets my birthday or our wedding anniversary. He even remembers how many years it is since we got married - something I'd rather forget now it's over 25!


  1. I could not believe that you too were a Radiographer. Sadly I gave up to be a mum and when I wanted to go back ...12 years later .. they said I had to totally retrain at my expense but I needed the money so went into retail. Tried again later ... twice ... when they were desparate ... but although it was easier, there were problems of guarenteeing a job in the hospital that was willing to retraining me ( no pay though for 6 months) even though it was the only one that was anywhere close for a non driver. Silly thing is I could have done chest clinic work easily with a months training... you never forget it all. It still makes me mad you can probably tell lol

  2. What a coincidence! There are so few of us 'button-pushers' around. Silly of them not to let you retrain, and yes, I know you never forget how to take an x-ray - it's like riding a bike!



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