Thursday, 3 September 2009

Angle-poise lamps?

Doing my rounds of WOYWW blog posts yesterday was very enlightening. It's great to see how other people craft. Amongst other things I saw a pillowcase being used as a background for taking photos of cards. Wonderful idea. 
It got me thinking about how everyone here takes photos of their layouts before putting them on their blog.
Do you take great care to get perfect lighting and a plain background for your photos? I have pictures in my mind of people precariously climbing on steps to get the perfect shot. And positioning angle-poise lamps to prevent unwanted shadows!
Are you a perfectionist? Or are you more laidback and anything goes?
I tend to use a wooden table or the lounge floor for my photo-taking but I'm never totally happy with the end result. Cropping the photo doesn't always remove the background either if I haven't got the camera perfectly straight to begin with. And lighting is always a problem in the evening when I tend to take my photos for the blog as I'm at work all day.
My daughter often uses large pieces of white card as a blank background for her photography shoots. She has even hung sheets from the  lounge walls - but come on, I'm not taking an 'A' level here - I just need a decent picture of my layouts for others to see! And layouts tend to flippin' bend in the middle if stood upright I find! Not helpful at all.
So, any tips shared on how you overcome these pesky problems would be gratefully received.


  1. Ah photography. Don't ask me. One visit to my blog will show you I'm terrible at it. But like a good deal of things I've learned since I started blogging - someone out there will have easy tips!

  2. Ah ....good question!!! I'm not really a perfectionist by nature ...I dont think??? but I like to achieve the best I can therefore I leave the photo taking of LO's to DD. I always make them 'skew wiff' and even if the top and bottom are level ... the side are not!!?? (havent worked that one out yet) Flash is a disaster as it will find the shinny surfaces ... so what does DD do??
    She photo graphs from a hieght ...directly over the LO using as much natural light as possible. For us that is ....on the floor the back door, which lets in light as there are glass panels ...although you could open the door if it wasnt raining or windy lol

  3. For me, if it's not raining, our little table in the garden. The light indoors is awful. I stand on tippy toes so I'm directly over it too. Fatal if we get a gust of wind though - the amount of times I've wobbled precariously hovering over the page just about to get the perfect piccie only for it to blow off down our yard. Lucky we DO only have a small yard really ;)

    I have no idea how some people get them to look so perfect. I can never crop it all out either.



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