Wednesday, 2 September 2009


This is the first time I've been able to take part in WOYWW! I've been at home today and spent most of it crafting. It's very rare my workdesk is out of the cupboard on a Wednesday, so make the most of it, as I may not be taking part again for a long while!
I 've been making some Christmas cards with a couple of snowflake stamps I bought in wet and windy Worthing yesterday. Papermania stamps, I think, but I've already got rid of the packaging. They were £1.99 for two which I thought was reasonable as I already have plenty of Christmas-themed stamps and don't really need any more. But what has need got to with anything??
So here's my desk this Wednesday afternoon before I have to put everything back in the cupboard again. The other half's asleep in bed as he worked last night, so I get to play a little longer and let you see the results....
There's actually a bit more mess around than this shows.... of course there is! The photos show one half of the table only. I also have two small drawers of ink pads, acryllic blocks and stamps, and a paper trimmer (or two) in use.  Have you spotted a ball of crochet thread and a needle? Well, I did sew buttons on a couple of the cards to give them some texture. You can just about see my blue scallop punch and a glass of water. No, not to drink - I did plan on doing some painting but ran out of time!
There's not as much on my table as there often is ........ but under the table there's more............
All the essentials like rulers, craft knives, glues, sticky tape, scissors etc. And two magazine holders that I use to store unmounted stamps vertically. There's my heat gun and embossing powder somewhere around too.
Well, I'm off to see everyone else's WOYWW on their blogs now, but here's a photo of one of the finished cards (with button present!).


  1. Oh I'm so glad the cupboard was open today Ann, welcome to our ridiuclous acronym world! The cards are stunning. Clever angles reveal no mess to me at all, and I do inspect every desk, I'm so nosey! Love your stamp storage, very currently chewing over ideas for my clear stamp storage...aagh.

  2. lovely to see you have joined us in Julia's WOYWW. so nice to have new desks to see :) I love that blur you have used on your cards, what colour ink is it please? I used a website to make those polariod photos, there is a link in the post on my blog. they are really easy to do just really a case of chossing your photos and up loading them.

  3. Gorgeous cards Anne, your desk looks far to neat I'm so glad you showed us underneath too ;) I hope you open the cupboard and do many more WOYWW's :)

  4. Thanks for everyone's kind comments at me coming out of my cupboard for WOYWW this week!
    In answer to LadyBug's question, I used Versafine Archival Ink in Deep Lagoon. It says it's 'instant dry pigment ink' - do not believe it! I managed to get it everywhere!

  5. Sorry Ann ... Missed this post those cards ...So glad you are joining the Wednesday meeting.

  6. Hi Anne,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! What gorgeous cards! I know how you feel about your Christmas stamps, I have way too many Halloween, and I shamelessly still continue to buy more! Thanks for sharing your wonderful cards...they really are just gorgeous!




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