Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Recycled Frame

This picture frame now hangs on our bedroom wall. The photo doesn't really do it justice as it's textured and quite sparkly in the light. It is actually three long and narrow frames with three individual spaces within each one. I bought the frames many years ago and stapled them together, and it has hung untouched in my kitchen since then. There were seaside emblems stuck into each of the nine spaces - a ship's wheel, seashells, yachts etc. All blue and white. But it was looking old and tired and, as my bedroom needed 'something' on the wall, I recently decided to recycle it somehow. I didn't really think ahead to the end result before starting the project though!
Firstly, I painted the frame with two colours from the Tim Holtz Crackle Paint range and let it dry. Then I had to find some items to put in the nine separate frames, but there I drew a blank. I'm not an artist to draw small pictures, neither could I find any suitable nic-nacs to put into the holes.
But I do have lots of cards in a box waiting for suitable occasions to send them to people. So I sorted through my homemade cards and chose those that were 1. the right colours to look good in the bedroom, and 2. were unlikely to be sent to anyone anyway.
In other words, I used the cards I'm not particularly proud of.
Then I cut the back off each of the cards and arranged them a few times until I was happy. I adhered them in place, attached ribbons and hung the whole thing on the wall. I could have removed the sentiments, but it is what it is, a display of cards, so I left them on. Surprisingly, it really does 'lift' the bedroom and it's not immediately obvious what it's made of!
Result; a cheap and very personal piece of 'Art' that anyone could do without having to have any artistic talent. How about recycling an old photo frame in your home?

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