Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My Crafting Space

I like to be nosy and see where everyone else does their crafting, so today I thought it only fair to introduce you to my space.....
My very first post explained why I chose the name Cupboardcrafter for my Blog. Basically, I have to tidy everything away after each crafting session. Nothing can be left out. Not one thing. So my stash lives in boxes at the bottom of two double wardrobes. There's also my computer room (a glorified name for a broomcupboard) but there's very little space in there either as you can see from the photo above.

Looking South
Looking North
My crafting space is actually the Lounge. The table is a fold-away table which also manages to fit into the bottom of one of the wardrobes! My lovely daughters bought it for me as a Mother's Day present to replace the small wooden table I used to work on. The photos show my space looking very tidy, but I did that for your benefit - it's usually covered in paper and boxes and works in progress. I can never seem to find an item twice under all the stash!
I often bemoan the fact that I do not have a dedicated crafting space. I have to interrupt my crafting at a crucial moment and pack away for the night. Or I have to stay up late to finish the project. But there is one big advantage to this state of affairs. It saves money! 
Every craft purchase I make has to be thought about long and hard - do I have room to store it, can something I already have do the task for me, do I really need yet more scrapbook papers? The result is that I spend less money than I would if I had a proper space for working in and could buy at will -- that's what I tell myself anyway.
I'm off now to pack everything away. Sigh.

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  1. That's a FAB fold-away table. perfect for a tidy away crafter at the end of every session!



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