Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Jenni's Rules

My older daughter, Jenni, is a scrapbooker like me.
I did this layout in 2006 when she was aged 16, and we both did our scrapping sat on the floor of the Lounge!
It's a tongue-in-cheek page about how she does her Scrapping and the main feature is a matchbook which I created to contain 'Jenni's Rules'. The book opens up and the pages fold forward to reveal her rules one by one:
Title Page - Rule Book
Rule One- spread out and make as much mess as possible
Rule Two - have the radio or TV on in the background
Rule Three - Have Fun!
Final Page - a photo of Jenni and the comment 'making memories'. 
This page is one of my favourites because it shows how alike we are, not just in looks (I'm a lot taller and wider!), but in our interests. She likes scrapbooking, reading and cooking, as do I. But she's far more outgoing and talkative! She's great fun to be around.
Jenni's off to University in September and we'll miss her.
By the way, if anyone's interested I can post the template measurements I used for the matchbook and how to assemble it. Just leave a comment below.


  1. It's a lovley LO. The most striking thing for me is that Jenni's rules are pretty much the same as mine - expect that I'm too old and too fat to comfortably use the lounge floor to sit on for longer than a nano second!! The WOYWW thing started over at my blog - do join in if you like idea!

  2. Yup this sounds like myself and my daughters too :) Lovely page with some more gorgeous photos again.

  3. My daughter and I scrap ... but usually at either end of the house nowadays lol. As for sitting on a floor ..... forget it. Yes please for matchbook instructions.



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