Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Just Playing

My computer room, despite painting it this weekend along with the hallway, is very bland. I have a pinboard with photos of family etc and all the desktop and printer paraphernalia (including the endless cables) on the floor and three shelves. I have room for a chair and not much else. My 'Computer Room' is actually a broomcupboard that I've taken over! But it sounds good to call it that.
It still needed brightening up after the painting. Something playful, colourful and cheap.
So this morning I made a plaque of sorts from my stash to stand on top of the pinboard. I had some Heidi Swapp chipboard letters and, of course, papers, ribbons and brads in my stash. I wrote on some of the paper (Hot Off The Press Vintage Papers), used distress ink on all the edges and played with brads and bows! The only other thing I had to do was strengthen the blue paper backing which I did by gluing two pieces of cardboard together, the type you find inside large transit envelopes. I save envelopes to re-use anyway so I had plenty to rummage through. It took a couple of hours to do and I enjoyed just playing around.
So here it is adding a bit of cheerfulness to my cupboard computer room. And there's a sneak preview of my crafting space in picture 1 - i.e. the table I use in my lounge.
That's also a clue to the subject of my next post!

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