Monday, 22 June 2009


Here's the promised scrapbook page featuring the houseboat photos from Shoreham-By-Sea.
Houseboat Heaven? Maybe if you want to live on one. I think it would be too cold for me in winter, although there must be a great community spirit and a sense of adventure living in something so out of the ordinary.
I live in a town house (not so ordinary either) and I love it. The rooms are light and airy and I can see the sea in the distance. I'm lucky enough to be near the beach and walk there often. It’s not a sandy beach but it has rock pools to explore and an under-cliff walk that goes on for ages. In rough weather it’s lovely walking there, wrapped up warm and dodging the waves as they crash over the sea defences. Living on cliffs it’s a steep slope down to the sea - and a long climb back up!
I was born in Buckinghamshire and lived there until 15 years ago. It's almost as far from the sea as you can get (Coton in Derbeyshire, I believe, is the furthest point from the sea in England). Since I was a child spending one week's holiday in a caravan at Great Yarmouth every year, I always wanted to live by the sea, and moving here was a dream come true.
This is my home now.

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