Saturday, 13 June 2009

Diary or Scrapbook?

My Dad is 85 years old and has kept a diary since he was drafted into the RAF at the age of 18. He's never missed a day! When he goes on holiday, the diary goes too!
Me? I've never kept a diary. To be faced with a blank page every day with nothing noteworthy to write upon it would be anathema to me. It would force me to confront the monotony of my daily life!
Dad's also a dedicated photographer, ever since he bought his first camera in Italy during the war. A Kodak black and white film camera. It cost him the grand sum of £32! That fascination with photography has passed to me. Nowadays it's digital images, making it easier to get good photos - and no waiting for them to be developed either. Thank goodness! So I choose to record the less mundane occasions of my life by scrapping photos I've taken of those events. I love photography, although my efforts are pretty average. I take the usual family and scenic photos (like Brighton Marina above) but also enjoy trying to get a different 'angle' on my life (see Choices post at
The combination of photography and scrapbooking is, in my opinion, a happy marriage.....and more visually interesting than pages of handwriting in a diary. Sorry Dad.


  1. This is a great post, and yes, it seems like we have both been thinking about the same things recently!

    I too, consider myself to be just an average snapper rather than a proper photographer, but I take loads of photos and the quality or "photographic worthiness" of them really doesnt bother me. It's like looking at an old photo of you/your family - it doesnt matter that the background is too busy, the film grainy and blurred, the composition all wrong - it's what it has captured that is important and makes it so special.

    I love the idea that we are creating scrapped photographic diaries - makes perfect sense to me!

  2. Oh, and you have a little parcel on it's way to you - it went in the post this afternoon.



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