Thursday, 11 June 2009


What is the Unwritten Rule that says when I'm tired and trying to get to sleep my brain whirls around coming up with award-winning, flowing, perfect prose? Yet when I'm sat here trying to write, no clever words come to mind?

Anyway, upon signing up for this Blog I had to fill in the usual forms including 'My Profile'. Such questions requiring an answer like 'my favourite music'. I mulled over the obvious choices and decided to be minimalist, after all you don't want an extensive list when reading a Profile do you? Just a snapshot of the person. So, I typed in Rock....but I also like R&B and Soul (but not the really old stuff) and Santana (what category does he come under?) ..... but I don't necessarily like all Rock songs either. Arghh!

After extensive deliberation I left my entry as 'Rock'.

Then I was faced with 'what are my favourite movies?' and 'what are my favourite books?' ...... for goodness sake! I could be here all night!!

Maybe I shouldn't be blogging, perhaps I should be 'Twittering'? Surely twittering would focus my mind, clarify my ideas? Keeping to a set number of characters would definitely stop the waffle, wouldn't it? Nah. That's not me at all!

The scrapbook page above was made earlier this year. A secret message which should be hidden behind one of the smaller photos (but is actually obscuring it) reads - 'All the decoration in our house is a compromise as my husband would paint all the walls Magnolia if I'd let him! Our divan needed replacing and I quite liked the idea of a metal bedstead, which him indoors was completely against. So our new bed is entirely my choice and I just love it!

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