Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Cupboard Crafter

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I have a stressful fulltime job and a relaxing day to me is a day spent crafting. Like today. However, there are one or two obstacles I have to overcome before I can spend a blissful day puddling paint, sprinkling glitter and ribbing ribbon!

Problem Number One: My husband has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and has to hoover the house before I start crafting (or do anything actually), only then can I get my crafting stash out.

Problem Number Two: because of the OCD everything in our house has to be put away, everything has it's place and I can never leave things out overnight! So I have to get my Stash out of the cupboards where it's stored and carry it into the Lounge before I can sit down and get started! I've ammassed so much crafting stuff in so many boxes that that in itself is enough to put me off! But not today. Today I've had a happy day playing with paints and stamps, and am completely chilled!

I am a fan of Glenda Waterworth as followers of her will see in my card sample output today!

Now I've got to pack up all my Stash and lift it back into the cupboard until I get another day off work to play!

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