Friday, 14 August 2009

Matchbook Instructions

As requested by Angie, here are the instructions to make a matchbook for your scrapbook pages.

The measurements above are the ones I used on my 'Jenni's Rules' layout

Please note that the diagram is not drawn to scale.

Cut the rectangle cover (top diagram) 26.9cm x 10cm from cardstock.
Cut 5 rectangular pages (bottom diagram) 11.5cm x 9.5cm from cardstock.
Score the cover along the dotted lines at the intervals shown on the diagram. If you want to round all of the corners like I did, now is the time to do it before you assemble anything.

Gather the pages together and place in the 4mm fold of the cover. Fold up the bottom end of the cover. Using a piercing tool, make two holes for brads (indicated by circles on the diagram) but do not pierce through the back of the cover. Fold down the flap cover to enclose the pages. When tightening the brads allow a little room for the front flap to slip underneath and stay closed.
Once assembled, score each page just above the front cover flap (approx 2.5cm) so that each page can fold forwards to reveal the one behind. Now you can decorate the pages. There is plenty of room for thick embellishments, allowed for by the 1.5cm top cover fold.

You can alter the size of the matchbook, but the total number of pages and their size will determine the cover measurements. Using more pages will mean you need to enlarge the 4mm cover fold to fit them all in.

I hope you enjoy making this, it really is easy. I have to thank my daughter, Karen, who did the diagram on 'Paint Shop Pro' in under 5 minutes when I would have struggled to do it in a day! (She says I'm useless on the computer!).


  1. Thankyou so much for doing this

  2. Angie has made a really lovely matchbook/minibook from these instructions. Go take a look and be inspired!



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