Saturday, 1 January 2011

Post-Christmas Tradition

Happy New Year Everyone! 

I haven't posted in absolutely ages I know, but as the Christmas Tree was put away today, along with the lights, baubles and tinsel, it seemed time a good time to join my friends in Blogland again.
We are always the last house to put up and the first to take down the Christmas decorations. Hubby's OCD prevents him having too much 'mess' around without him getting anxious to clear it away. But one task I always sit down to after the decorations have been cleared, boxed and hidden away, is cutting up the seasonal cards and turning them into tags for next year's presents. A post-Christmas tradition that the children used to enjoy but now I do on my own.

From this... this...... front of a warm fire 
with a mug of hot tea ....

Shame it's not a real fire!


  1. Happy New Year to you, Ann. This year, I plan to cut the best of our cards into 3" squares and create a 12x12 page for our 2010 album.

  2. Happy New Year Ann - it's great to have a "read" from you again :)

  3. You've given me an idea now,I might just do the same !

  4. Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my blog. Of course I had to come check your blog. This is something I like to do, too, but this year I got mostly handmade cards, and I simply can't cut them up. Maybe I realize it's because they took so long to make. Now the commercial ones are another thing, and I'm just like you.

    Although I decorate right after Thanksgiving, I am like your hubby and don't want anything around after the event is over.

    I want to wish you a joyous New Year filed with fun, laughter, and lots of artful play time.



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