Sunday, 2 January 2011

2010 New Year Resolutions

Around this time last year I posted this page with a list of Resolutions.....

1. Attend a big craft show in London
2. Do not spend any money on stash in 2010
3. Make many more scrapbook pages than in 2009
4. Take many more photos than in 2009 
5. Learn to use Photoshop
6. Post more often on my blog
7. Regularly take part in challenges
8. Set aside more time for crafting
9. Set a Challenge on my own blog
10. Reorganise my Stash so that it takes up less room.

Did I actually achieve any of the goals I set myself? Nah! Although I tried.
This year I aim to do better and will carry the same Resolutions over to 2011. After all, you never know, I might just manage to achieve one of them! I can live in hope.
Now, if I had included knitting and crochet in 2010's New Year's Resolutions I might have done better. In the past few months I have completed my ripple blanket .....

.....and a snowboarder's hat, 
made up my own patterns for leg-warmers and wrist-warmers, 
and knitted this.... easy Sirdar pattern with lovely chunky yarn.  

Karen nabbed the waistcoat when she was home for Christmas and Jenni now wants me to knit one for her! I'm quite happy to knit another one, but before I do, I need to finish my third pair of wrist-warmers! 
Papercrafting has taken a back-seat lately but I'm sure I'll be Scrapping in 2011.  I just need some new photos to inspire me. 
And for that I really need much warmer weather to get out and about with my camera!


  1. Hi...HAPPY NEW YEAR Ann
    thanks the WW book is great so we should be able to stick with it..feeling better already lol
    Good luck with your carry over resolutions
    Hugs Suz x

  2. ps...
    try this site good for inspiration and giving you ideas to take photographs in ways you have never thought of



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