Sunday, 22 August 2010

Right Side, Wrong Side

'Right' side

I haven't posted in ages I know, but time has been short, what with work and too much other stuff going on to be creative. Not only that, my Creativity seems to have run away for the summer. Must be the awful weather this August that's prevented me taking photos, making layouts, creating cards.... that's my excuse anyway.
But I haven't given up. All is not lost. My sewing machine is finally getting it's service (30 years late!) and I've been doing some Tunisian crochet to keep my crafty fingers happy. 

'Wrong' side

For anyone who hasn't heard of Tunisian, it uses a long needle, similar to a knitting needle but with a hook on one end, and horror-of-horrors, there are many stitches on the needle, not just one! 
I love the way it turns out, just like knitting with a right side and a wrong side, and is thick and textured. 
I'm using a brown cotton thread to make a bag. It doesn't look much like a bag at the moment, just a rectangle shape but, don't worry, it will all turn out in the end - and I will get my Mojo back - sometime soon.


  1. So glad to see you back ....never heard of Tunisian crochet but it looks such fun ...cant wait to see the bag.

    Re comment on my blog ...I have never yet found a Brownie recipe that works for me ...never sticky ...always dry??? so I will just imagine your walnut one ...sounds yummy xx

  2. Oh, wow! I've never heard of this before and I love the look of all those even little stitches. Please do post a photo when it's finished :)

  3. Hi Ann, I found your blog through Ruth's blog and have enjoyed having a look through some of your recent posts. We live not far from you and my son's girlfriend is from Worthing :). If your Tunisian crochet is the same as what I think, I used to do it years ago. Do you do a row of chain stitch and go into each and pick up a stitch then work your way back pulling through 2 stitches at a time? If I'm right you'll probably get what I mean from this ;) I haven't seen it done in years so I'm looking forward to seeing your completed bag :) I'll be sure to check your blog again soon.



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