Monday, 31 May 2010

Metallic Paint Effect

It's been a dreary Bank Holiday Monday. Ideal to just sit indoors and get messy! Out came my Viva metallic paints, paintbrush, water and paper flowers. Yes, paper flowers.
It's a technique that Glenda at Graphicus demonstrated on Create and Craft TV years ago, that I have copied once before. Today I decided to have another go.

The technique is very simple.....but very messy. Using a large paintbrush loaded with metallic paint, paint over a large paper flower as if you were trying to colour the flower to use it on a project. The 'scrap paper' beneath the flower becomes your art work to cut into smaller pieces to make cards with. I used two different size daisy flowers and two colours of paint for my playtime.
Using metallic paint really makes a picture that sparkles in the light. I'm afraid my photos don't show that effect very well, so you'll have to use your imagination - or even have a go yourself!

Four cards from the blue metallic painted paper........

.............and four from the blackberry metallic paint.

The final photo using a flash, gives an idea of how sparkly the cards are when made up. I stamped Graphicus sentiments to add to some of the cards, but I usually wait until a card is needed before stamping the appropriate words. 
The reason I got messy today? Well, I need two Father's Day Cards, and haven't got anything suitable already made. Both of the Dads like gardening and flowers, so most probably a couple of the blue ones will do the job. But I haven't decided which ones yet!


  1. Beautiful cards. I love that first big sentiment stamp - it's amazing!

  2. How utterly fab..great colours, great technique and the addition of those lovely blocks of text - really it does it all for me!

  3. metallic fun!

    these look wonderful and there is nothing better to do thank keep yourself busy when the weather is miserable! right!

    hey, i keep myself busy with art even when the weather is grand! lol

    thanks for stopping in..and to answer your quesion, i will be framing the watercolour and keeping it around the house for a while...and i might eventually sell it...but for now..on display it goes for sure!

    take care Ann...

    enjoy your monday!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. More fabby work. I LOVE this technique and may well have to try it out. I love messy painty work.



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