Sunday, 4 April 2010

Simple Pleasures

I adore ribbons. Anyone who has followed my posts for a while will know that I rarely actually use ribbon on projects. I like to keep it and admire it...... I'm happy just knowing it's there. I'm sure you know what I mean. Perhaps you're the same with patterned papers or your collection of stamps.
But lately I have found myself adding ribbon to layouts as if there's no tomorrow! Must be something in the air. So I have had to add to my stash - just replacing that which I've used of course - and the photo above shows some of my new American Crafts supplies. I ordered these from Paper And String and they are gorgeous. American Crafts ribbon is not cheap but it's the best quality I have found and there are lots of designs to choose from. If only I could have them all. 
Yesterday I found myself using the ribbon with colourful trees printed on it for this layout.

My daughter, Jenni, and her boyfriend, went for a walk along the seafront when they stayed with us this week and it was really, really windy! Tom took a couple of self-portraits hoping for a good shot. I don't think they turned out too badly and they certainly show they were facing the elements! I chose a sketch from The Scrappiest as my starting point and used scraps of paper from my scrapbox, mainly My Mind's Eye and Basic Grey. The rest was completed with a small piece of cork, some doodling and, of course, the tree ribbon. 
Not only do I love ribbon, I also love quotations and I included this one on the page as it fitted the story I wanted to tell.
'It isn't the big pleasures that count: 
it's making a great deal out of the little ones.' 
Jean Webster. 


  1. Hehehe I'm right up there with you. I have lots of buttons, beads and ribbons that I love to have to look at. I have to steal myself to actually use them cos of course if I do I wont have them then. :-)
    A x

  2. I go through phases ...I will use buttons on several LO's and then none for ages ...similarly ribbon and brads etc.
    I really love your LO ... the tree you constructed is such fun. Interesting that when I was admiring your new ribbons I instantly was drawn to the tree one and 'hey presto' I roll down and you have used it .

  3. Aha! Ribbon use! I coldn't write a book! This LO is fab and that ribbon was really made especially for it, I think!



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