Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My Place And Yours: Pink

My Place And yours has a new host, Danielle, and this week's theme is 'PINK. What part does pink play in your life?'
Actually, to be honest, it doesn't! Not much anyway. I think that girls either like pink or they don't - and I don't. There's very little to see around my house that is pink. My favourite colour is blue and that seems to be everywhere indoors..... not surprising really.
There is one thing in the house that's pink this week and that's my Mothers' Day present from my daughters.

These beautiful flowers. And if there's one thing I really do like in that colour (I can't keep repeating the word pink any more in this post!) it's flowers.

The tulips make me think that winter really is over and spring is just around the corner. They are very, very much appreciated. Thank you girls.

Sorry, but there's only one way to make more pink in my life, and that's to take multiple photos!
If you would like to see what 'My Place And Yours' is all about or to join in, flutter over to Hello Owl


  1. I'm with you on the pinkness. Looking round me now - I can't see any apart from my toddlers coat :P

  2. Love your flowers ...I always hope I dont get flowers as the cats like them too much.

    I agree with you ...I'm not into pink.If I wear it my skin looks yellow lol I love ALL blues though

  3. these look stunning. one of the others posted a single tulip in each of a couple of bottles and that looked equally effective.

  4. Lovely Tulips, how lucky you are!!!

  5. At least they're really lovely multiple photos of a really beautiful subject in that colour! :)

  6. Beautiful tulips. I will take them over roses any day.



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