Saturday, 27 March 2010

City By The Sea

So, I have a new camera. What should I do today? Of course! Take some photos and try it out. Hove Seafront, here I come....

As you can see, the colourful beach huts are very close to the city of Brighton And Hove

In fact, they look rather out of place in the photos, as they are
obviously overlooked by blocks of flats.

Pretty colours though don't you think? Even if they are a bit weather-beaten.
So, how far away is the sea then?
The next shot should help put things in perspective........

No wonder Brighton is known as The City By The Sea!

(I'm quite pleased with the shots from my new camera
on this dreary March day)


  1. Beautiful shots beach huts ...a pinch of real everyday history.

  2. What stunning pictures I love the colours and how they brighten up a dull day -very inspirational :)

  3. Cheerful ice cream colours - and as you say a strange contrast with the blocks of flats.

  4. I know I've said this before, but I love beach huts! And I really enjoyed looking at these photos.



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