Tuesday, 2 February 2010

52 in 10; Prompt 5

This week's prompt for 52 in 10 is Family. I'm half-regretting (if there's such a word!) my choice of 12x6 format for my album as the size of page doesn't give me enough room to explore each Prompt in detail. To get around that choice today I used two pages, making a 12x12 layout, but split into two halves to fit in the album.

I used Bo Bunny and My Mind's Eye papers along with green Provo Craft word stickers (which don't show up very well on the photo). There are journaling tags under the girls' photos describing each of their characters. As I've said before, they are so different in appearance and character too. Jenni is chatty, bubbly and The Scrapbooker. Karen is quirky, creative and The Photographer.
I sometimes wonder how people choose their childrens' names. How did you choose yours? I was going to be Andrew but that was hastily changed to Ann when the expected boy turned out to be me!
I chose Jennifer's first name because I have always liked it and Hubby was tasked with choosing her middle name. It seems that the oldest girl in his family is always called Ruth (I think I was taken for a ride with that tale!) so Ruth she is. But, for our second child, roles were reversed and Hubby got to choose the first name. Never give a man an important job, I say! I had Elizabeth ready weeks beforehand for the middle name- we knew she was a girl -  but she remained nameless for three days, poor thing, because Hubby couldn't decide!!
Eventually she was named after Karen Carpenter because he liked her singing voice. That's the honest truth.
(I've just Googled Karen Carpenter and discovered her middle name was Anne - now there's a coincidence!)
Perhaps I should have devoted the 'Family' page to how our family got their names?!


  1. I know what you mean about the 6x12 sometimes being a bit limiting - I have used this size for the past two years for Christmas albums. Having said all that, it's a blessing when you need to keep up and a 12x12 seems a bit overwhelming!

    I love a bit of Karen Carpenter, I do - beautiful voice!

  2. Great story - definitely needs a page. Miss Dunnit is a Jennifer; we wanted a handful of syllables to offset a one syllable surname; we wanted soemthng that could be used in the diminutive - we are a family of nicknamers, and we wanted something beautiful and relatively traditional....phew. She would have been Charles (all the same reasons), but I knew she was a girl from the minute the indicator line went blue!

  3. Vey nice pages!!! Love that info about Karen Carpenter!



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