Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Well Julia, you asked to see the mess on my sofa when I'm crafting, so here it is!
Not the worst it's ever been, but still there's only just enough room for me to sit down. On the sofa there are three boxes of 12x12 papers and a HUGE K&Co paper pad bought from QVC. And my precious tub of  lovely ribbons.
I didn't see the red clip on the table until after the photo was taken so I'm caught out! It's from half a packet of nibbles I had been eating. Ooops.
There are My Minds Eye papers and stickers, my small guillotine and larger purple cow one. There's also a copy of Shimelle's UK Scrappers sketch which you can find here and which I had just finished using to make a layout. And, most important of all, my green carry-all that does what it says! It's filled to the brim with glues, scissors, rulers and pens.......the necessities any crafter cannot do without!

I thought I'd let you see the Christmas tree as we put it up at the weekend. Anyone else got their decorations all ready for the holiday? Unfortunately, the decorations are all that's finished in my house in preparation for Christmas!
If you want to join in the fun and show us What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) just visit Miss Nosy of Blogland, Julia, at Stamping Ground where there are links from everyone taking part in this weekly madness.


  1. Hehe that looks like a fab place to craft. Sat in comfort with everything to hand. Brill.
    A x

  2. Well that's more like it..I just knew there had to be more to it than a neat table!! Relief! Not that it's as untidy as you think. The red clip is a great clue - but half a bag! It's a clue to your inner strength..there ain't no half bags around here!

  3. What a great theme for a weekly post, I shall have to investiagte further.
    We're planning on getting our tree at the weekend, not sure what DS will make of it this year!

  4. well you certainly look as though you have been busy - not to mention comfortable on the sofa!! Unusually for me my own sofa is surrounded by cards and stuff but that's because I am bagging up stuff for tomorrows craft fair!

  5. Your sofa look a nice comfy and inviting work space if ever I saw one but I’m not coming to play if you’ve eaten all the nibbles!

    Loving the Chrissy tree too. I’m late putting mine up this year because I was away in Germany last weekend but I’m hoping to make a start on it later this afternoon, so pop by for a peek at mine tomorrow, with luck.

  6. Nice to see you can make a small amount of mess lol Love the tree ...elegant yet fun.



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