Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I've only just realised that there may be a 'perk' having to get my crafting table out of the cupboard every time I craft. What's that, you ask? Well, I can choose where I put the table! Little things please little minds they say, anyway, the table's by the Lounge doors this week. The Lounge is on the first floor as I live in a town house. I needed to get as much light as possible with the awful weather today. (Just as I took this photo the sun appeared momentarily and there's a shadow on the floor).
As you can see there's a mix of crafting stuff and Christmas cards and presents on my table. The stamps are there because I often forget to stamp a greeting inside cards as I make them, and sometimes the cards could be for any occasion so I choose the appropriate message when I send the card. When I got out my Christmas cards today though, some needed stamping to finish.

There's scissors and wrapping paper and the large plastic box where I store all my handmade cards. You can also see the tags I use for presents which are actually last year's Christmas cards cut with fancy-edged scissors and with a hole punched for thread. That's a job my daughters and I do after the decorations have been taken down on Boxing Day - it makes a lovely mess and is very therapeutic. Cutting up Christmas cards has 'to tide me over' until I'm able to get my crafting stash out again after the holiday!
Want to be nosy and look at other people's craft tables with WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?) then hop over to Julia's Stamping Ground and join in with us.


  1. Your desk is always so tidy and organised. How lovely to be able to move it from room to room depending on the mood of the day and where the light is best. A x

  2. We do the cutting up last years cards thing too. We use our trusty Early Learning Centre zigzag scissors that came free on a baby magazine and we bought the magazine specifically for the scissors and Christmas many years ago now :D You've reminded me, I must buy some wrapping paper, I've got pressies arriving every day now and they are stashed all over the place but no wrapping paper for them.

  3. Nice, Ann. Table at window, organised wrapping and a tidy surface. Am jealous and a little panicy! I don't do insides of cards until use either. And sometimes I don't do them at all. Bad.

  4. Wrapping is a job I put off but once I get started I'm fine.
    Do you really take everything down on Boxing day?? ....I have to wait until 12th night ....when do you put them up?
    Dec 1st 'til Jan 6th makes the work worth while for me. I suspect decorations drive your OH mad.

  5. Angie, you are sooo right! Hubby loves Christmas but hates the changes to the house with all the decorations around. The tree goes up mid-December and comes down again on Boxing Day. He can then hoover, and relax.... it stresses him out having things different to normal.

  6. Well done for timing the photo perfectly for the sun, it's been so manky hasn't it?
    I'm the same as you, I leave the stamping till last. I love making the cards, but not the finishing bits. xx

  7. Oooh I like that wrapping paper!! I too wish I could move my craft place around, but it is too much faff to do anything other than stick to the third bedroom!



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